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God invented fun.  Of course he didn’t quite call it that.  The word fun probably does not even appear in the Bible.  But what does appear in the Bible over and over again is life, along with Christ’s special take on it: the abundant life.  You ever feel you should be getting more out of life? Well you probably should, and believe it or not that’s the whole entire reason for Christ.  Yes, he came to restore us back to God, but the point of that was life... abundant life.  Simple and plain, Beloved, God is about your living.  He wants you to enjoy it, gain satisfaction, and fulfillment out of it.  The problem with the world today is they’re trying to have life without Christ and that simply can’t be done.  

The Abundance of Life is For You

The Fruit of our Fellowship

In this section we’ll explore, highlight and manage some of those everyday living aspects of our journey.  We’ll look at some of our goals and accomplishments, and the fellowship and brotherhood along the way.  

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Now that you’re familiar with Family of Christ the online version, come out and experience the Family live and in living color firsthand.

And may the grace & blessings of the Most High be with you always.  

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Family of Christ is located in Commerce City, a subdivision of the Greater Denver Metropolitan area

Street address:

6610 E. 72nd place, Commerce City CO

Phn 303-573-1072

Family of Christ

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